About Us
Teens across America are falling victim to a myriad of crimes, enticements, and emotional stresses that have conspired to ruin their lives. Virginia Youth Club is the alternative that speaks their language and the vehicle to relieve them from the ills of their communities.

Our club is in a never-ending fight to see that no teenager's life becomes a cliché, such as "falling through the cracks." When given the chance, young adults willingly respond through caring leadership, high expectations, and an obligation toward self-discipline.

Many of our team members come from environments that do not offer positive reinforcing stimuli and activities necessary for preparing them for adulthood. Although home-life situations vary, many are from single-parent homes in crime-ravaged communities.

Providing the Fundamentals
We reach teenagers before they lose their hopes, dreams, and ambitions by providing the fundamentals they sorely lack, including the ability and willingness to:

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Yesterday's Teens, Today's Leaders

• Follow Directives
• Accept Delayed Gratification
• Embrace Teamwork
• Develop the Commitment & Fortitude to Finish Any Job They Start
• Find the Courage to Give & Accept Love

The Perfect Blend of Activities
These young people, ages 14 to 17, are attracted to us because of the fun activities we offer, such as sports tournaments, go-karting, concerts, bowling, and theme park outings. They end up receiving so much more, however, like learning team concepts, fiscal responsibility, delayed gratification, and the value of a good education. Teen Bible studies are also available for those who seek a higher moral calling.

Our program continues to reach into more and more communities. Many of our members, grateful for the guidance and supervision we offer, are making their own contribution to families in high-crime areas that desperately need the help.

Contact us in Fairfax, Virginia, to see how our youth program is redirecting the paths of today's young adults.