Fun & Stimulating Youth Activities in Fairfax, Virginia

Watch boys and girls reach their full potential with youth activities through Virginia Youth Club in Fairfax, Virginia. Having fun is one of the key "building blocks" in effective youth development. Our program ensures teens experience it through a variety of means, including:
• Watching Movies
• Playing Sports
• Shopping
• Singing & Dancing
• Being Productive
• Working Hard
• Earning Rewards
• Attending Concerts
• Experiencing Theme Parks
• Seeing the Fruits of Their Labor
• Running & Playing

Enriching Experiences

Having this wide range of fun activities is a great learning experience in itself. Virginia Youth Club teens are privy to happenings and events they probably don't have access to within their day-to-day environments. The experiences allow them to envision possibilities for their own lives and help them determine the kinds of things they will want to share with their own children once they reach adulthood.

Gangs have been a plague to the greater DMV area longer than anyone cares to remember. Too many teenagers come from single-parent homes, homes with public subsidies, neighborhoods rife with crime and drugs, and schools that cannot seem to adequately communicate with them.

Kids Playing Basketball - Youth Activities

In some neighborhoods, residents feel like the sun never comes up, and life seems dark and foreboding for many young people. Though this depressing environment is more common in the inner cities, it extends to the suburbs as well.

Coordinating Our Efforts

Virginia Youth Club is coordinating with a number of law enforcement organizations, youth agencies, and social programs to shed some light on these problems. Even more, we are offering a variety of options for removing all of the decaying, infectious, and social diseases infesting our communities.

Virginia Youth club children doing activities through program. The children enjoy free amusement park, baseball games and other activities. This is a recent visit to King's Dominion park. See our album below.

With your support our teens at the VA have enjoyed many summer activities with more to come. For example Action Park, Great Adventures, Go Kart Racing and Etc. With your continued support teens will also win educational prizes. 1st place will win a laptop, 2nd place an iPad mini and 3rd place will win a nook. Thank you for all your support!


Contact us in Fairfax, Virginia, to share in our endeavors toward making the world a brighter place for those in need.